The full Planning Permission Document is available ‎here.

Relevant Planning Conditions

3. (3) On a monthly basis to be agreed with the planning authority, the developer shall submit to the planning authority records of all waste delivered to the site on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These records shall be available for public examination.

17. A Community Liaison Committee shall be established, the composition of which shall be based upon equal representation of personnel from the planning authority, the developer, local residents and elected members of Wicklow County Council. The composition of the committee and any variation thereof shall be subject to the prior agreement of the planning authority. The committee shall identify environmental works and community facilities to be funded under condition number 21.

Reason: To identify appropriate environmental community projects which will mitigate the impact of the landfill facility on the local community in accordance with Government policy as set out in ‘Changing Our Ways’ published by the Department of the Environment and Local Government in September, 1998.

21. The developer shall pay a sum of money to the planning authority as a contribution towards the expenditure that is proposed to be incurred by the planning authority in respect of environmental works and community facilities identified by the committee specified in condition number 17. The amount of the contribution and the arrangements for payment shall be agreed between the developer and the planning authority or, in default of agreement, shall be determined by An Bord Pleanála.

Payment of this contribution is subject to the provisions of section 26(2)(h) of the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1963 generally, and in particular, the specified period for the purposes of paragraph (h) shall be the period of seven years from the date of this order.**

Reason: It is considered reasonable that the developer should contribute towards the expenditure proposed to be incurred by the planning authority in respect of environmental improvement works for the area in which the proposed landfill is situated.

**** Extract from Page 19 of ‘Changing Our Ways’
“Local authorities, working closely with local communities, should utilise a proportion of income from waste charges and gate fees to mitigate the impact of such facilities on these communities through appropriate environmental improvement projects.”

The full Changing Our Ways document is available here

Notes on mitigation and compensation here

** if any of the expenditure that is proposed to be incurred by the local authority is in respect of works facilitating the proposed development then there is onus to spend it within seven years


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