This post was first published on June 20, 2013. Since then additional links have been added to the post.

Enerpower was engaged to carry out a feasibility study for a proposed wind energy project at Ballynagran.

The report outlines the capital costs and paybacks specific to the supply and erection of a wind turbine on the site selected, including

  • Planning Permission
  • Grid Connection
  • Turbine Supply, Erection and Commissioning

You can view or download the Enerpower report here —–> Enerpower Wind Energy Report (2013)

21st Century Version - Old Wine - New Bottle

Some are now part of Heritage Tourism
Old Wine – New Bottle

Also please take a look at the SEAI guidance booklet on community ownership for wind farms in Ireland.

It is slightly outdated (2004) but still useful.

View or download the SEAI booklet here —–> The Potential for Community Ownership of Wind Farms in Ireland

This booklet is over 50 pages long and will take a little while to load or download!

There are several Irish community projects and contact names mentioned in the report.

We have contact details of representatives from the Templederry wind farm.

There is a proposal that our group invite them to share their experience with the project.

See page 18 of the report – they offered shares to members of the community in the project and were oversubscribed but it took 10-12 years to get the project of the ground.

In order that the assumptions made in the Wind Energy Report can be tested the Committee has published small Microsoft Excel applications that allow the user to change the various assumptions made.

So for instance:

  • What would the return be if we had to borrow all the money at 7% interest ?
  • What if the Electricity Prices only rose by 1% ?
  • What if we could get a grant of €50,000? etc etc.

One application can be downloaded here —–> Test the Wind Energy Report

A sense of the real surplus generated after replacement cost has been taken into account can be tested by downloading another application from this link—–> Real Surplus from Wind Turbine-Test   and then by testing for various different scenarios.

There is an abundance of internet resources on wind turbines and wind farms.

Some relevant links are listed below :

Community Ownership —–> SEAI Document

Physical Structure —–> Brief Accessable Description

General Information —–> Concise & Relevant Information

Academic Report 2012 —–> Performance of Wind Farms in the UK and Denmark

Industry Reply to Academic Report 2013 —–> No big drop in performance as turbines get older

For/Against —–> What are the advantages and disadvantages of wind power? -Wiki – Answers

Against —–> WindWatch – Deals mainly with the Shortcomings of Large-scale Wind Farms

Current UK Newspaper Articles —–> Guardian UK – Windpower News

Irish Wind Energy Association —–> IWEA

State of Green —–> Danish Govt/Private-Enterprise Technical Info Site

Guardian UK —–> Onshore wind energy: what are the pros and cons?

Solar Energy Site —–> Wind Energy Pros and Cons – Is This Source of Energy Worth It?

Green Living —–> Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

WindPower Facts —–> Wind Energy Pros and Cons

Duke University —–> Wind Power: A Lucrative Renewable Energy Source Pros and Cons

Land Rental & Farmer related:

IFA Guide for Farmers

Irish Independent Tax Guide

Teagasc Information Leaflet

Telegraph Article 2011

Compilations collated/prepared by Members of the Group

Recent News —–>  Recent Irish Wind Energy News

Recent Video News —–>  Recent Irish Wind Energy Videos

Slideshow Presentation —–>  Wind Energy Overview

Vimeo short videos (bilingual) —–>  WindFuel

Up-todate NewsFeeds (for/against) from Google & YouTube —–>  NewsRuby Ireland – Wind Energy

This list is my no means a complete guide. If you have other information that you believe ought to be shared with the community please provide feedback and contact us.

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